Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Who are these courses for?
Farm Press offers accredited Continuing Education recertification courses for licensed agriculturalists: Pest Control Advisers, Qualified Applicators, Private Applicators/County Pesticide Permit Holders, Aerial Applicators, and American Society of Agronomy Certified Crop Advisers. 

Are your courses approved in my state?
On our “Home” tab there is a map. Hover your cursor over your licensing state to discover which courses are approved there. (Arizona Office of Pest Management and Delaware Nutrient Management have both approved courses.)

My state is not listed as having approved your courses. Can you submit courses to them?
Please email the CEU Administrator at, and we will make every effort to partner with your state. Not all states approve online courses.

How much do they cost?
The majority of our courses are free of charge. These free courses have sponsors which pay for the course development and administration. You may link to sponsor information by clicking on the banner ads within each course.

$50 seems expensive for the paid courses.
Once a course is no longer sponsored, it is transitioned to a paid course to cover administrative and Internet server costs and remain available for you. (The paid courses are free to take - and only $50 if you need your credit reported.)

Where's the test?
Our courses now have a timer feature shown in the top right corner. For 1 California DPR hour of credit, you will be in the course for a minimum of 30 minutes before having access to the test. 2 hours = 60 minutes. The timer counts down and will notify you when you may proceed to the test to earn credit.

How do I sign up for an account?
Click the “Register” tab and fill out the information requested. Choose your own user name and password. Only one account can be used for each email address. All communication from Penton Media/Farm Press will be via electronic mail, therefore, it is important to monitor your email address regularly in case there is an issue with your account.

What if I have more than one pesticide license?
You may list all your valid licenses when you register. We will report credits to all accrediting entities.

What if I don't have any license and just want to take the courses for fun?
Courses are available to review for information only. When registering, click the "I am not taking these courses for credit" box.

How do I take the courses?
Once you have created your account, log in with your user name/password. Click the “Courses” tab, scroll through the course listing, select the desired course and click “View Course.” Move through the course by clicking “Continue to the next section” at the bottom of each page. When finished reading the material, scroll to the top of the page, and click “Take quiz.” You must pass the quiz with a score of 70. However, you may take the quiz as many times as it takes to pass it.

I think I had a login a few years ago but don't remember it. Should I create a new account?
No. Duplicate accounts are confusing to the program administration and may cause problems with reporting your credits. Please contact CEU Administrator for account help if you need to retrieve an old user name or password.

I don't like sitting at the computer very long. Is there another way to take the courses?
Yes! Each course contains a PDF to download. Save it to your computer for review offline. However, you must return to the course website to take the quiz and earn credit.

When will results be sent to my state?
Verification of attendance is sent to accrediting state agencies the first week of the month following the date you passed the test. States may then take 2-4 weeks to process these notifications. (November/December completions are submitted approximately every 7-10 days.)

I lost my Verification of Attendance. What do I do?
Log in, click the "Completed Courses" tab, and reprint verifications, which contain course numbers.

My personal information has changed. How can I update it?
Updates or corrections may be made on your "Profile" tab once logged in. Update information prior to taking any courses so all information on Verification of Attendance will be accurate.

Why aren't there more Laws and Regulations credits?
Accrediting states have very specific standards that must be met for course approval for laws and regs. These generally cover regulations specifically covered by legislative mandates.

It took me longer than one hour to complete a course that gives one hour of credit. Why don't I get more credit?
State agencies determine how many credits are awarded. California will not award more than 2 credit hours per course.

I still need help. Is there a live person that I can talk to?
Please email or call Cheryl Ogle, CEU Administrator, at or (559) 326-7405.